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Seaside wedding dress

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About This Project

As part of the 2019 summer collection, Adry Couture has also featured different wedding dresses. The Blue Ocean collection aims at dreaming about beach weddings. Brilliant, more relaxed bridal and bridesmaid dresses combined with cheerful colors and trendy tulle. The clothes in the tropics not only have to admire the eyes, but also to the comfort. Open shoulder weaving lines, sometimes quite short: knee-length skirts make for a great day in the sun, walking in the sand.

A great specialty of the Blue Ocean bridal collection is that not only are the outfits in Hungary, but also the Adry Couture permanent partner: the Code of Joy wedding organizer company in the Seychelles. Thus, the clothing that is tried in Hungary does not have to be taken to the wedding venue because the model is available in the Seychelles. The common feature of bridal dresses is that they are more participants, so they can be combined in several ways. Their common element is the smooth or floral-laced upper, this way the dress becomes adjustable and can be worn in several sizes.

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