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Collection 2016

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About This Project

2016 Veil Flower Wedding Dress Collection

Wedding dresses designed as part of the Veil Flower Collection


– Closer: great costumes for an autumn, winter, early spring wedding
great decorations for a temple wedding as they cover the bride’s shoulder, as is customary
– meanwhile, they are really elegant: the sleeves and the shoulders are made of airy and lightweight veil material, which is mysterious like the autumn mist veil, exemplifying delicate, uplifting and fragile
– characterized by fabrics decorated with wonderful patterns
– Multiple fingerprints on wedding gowns: from very narrow, trapezoidal, individually decorated materials
– the veil and tulle material can be found in several places on the dress, skirt and waist
– they can be complemented and made unique with the Hungarian embroidery motifs that Balogh Adry likes to use on the waist, for example, so we can get Hungarian wedding dresses

– the true veil color is white, this snow white color is characteristic of the entire wedding dress collection, and the advantages of custom-designed wedding dresses are that if the guest wants a wedding dress made of broken white fabric, the designer of the Adry Couture Salon will the player can smuggle fine gradients into these outfits with translucent material and will be happy to come up with other ideas as they work together.

Models can also be rented.

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