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frangipáni tüll menyasszionyi ruha retusalt

Seaside wedding dress

As part of the 2019 summer collection, Adry Couture has also featured different wedding dresses. The Blue Ocean collection aims at dreaming about beach weddings. Brilliant, more relaxed bridal and bridesmaid dresses combined with cheerful colors and trendy tulle. The clothes in the tropics not...

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Rózsaszín estélyi ruha virágmintás övvel

Collection 2018

2018 Soiree Evening Dress Collection At the end of the year, corporate parties, gala dinners, Christmas parties, charity balls, we go to a lot of concerts, theatrical premieres, receptions, and this time lasts until the carnival balls - we have to dress up properly. The dress...

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Kalocsastyle menyasszonyi kollekció 2017

Collection 2017

2017 White Rose Wedding Dress Collection White roses, as a symbol, mean the same as the white color of the old, snow-white wedding dress, embodying innocence and embracing the concept of loyalty, which the newlyweds welcome to each other at the wedding. Features of the wedding...

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menyasszonyi ruha 2016

Collection 2016

2016 Veil Flower Wedding Dress Collection Wedding dresses designed as part of the Veil Flower Collection   - Closer: great costumes for an autumn, winter, early spring wedding great decorations for a temple wedding as they cover the bride's shoulder, as is customary - meanwhile, they are really elegant: the...

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Menyasszonyi ruha kollekció 2019

Menyasszonyi ruha

Our salon bridal dress collections are listed on this page, regardless of which year they belong to. Of course, the dear visitor also has the opportunity to design something completely new or to change an existing wedding dress. Feel free to contact me for a consultation....

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