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Our partners

Code Of Joy wedding
Have you dreamed a seaside wedding?

With years of experience, the Code of Joy team is organizing the wedding of young couples in Seychelles, Paradise. The company ‘s on – site office also provides a comprehensive service for those living outdoors and for those traveling from Hungary. Their customer-oriented attitude is a guarantee that the great day of a young couple’s life is truly unforgettable and joyful.
I am taking part in the Seychelles wedding with my Blue Ocean wedding collection in 2019. The bride has the opportunity to choose one of my clothes or her bridesmaids. Clothes can be found in the Budapest and Seychelles salons, so it is not necessary to travel the selected piece on the plane. The collection’s items can be viewed:
between my collections.
Look for dreamwomen and honeymooners too: or

Amazon Travel is a wonderful honeymoon and wedding for you
Hawaiian Wedding, American Wedding or Maldives? You just have to choose your destination and Amazon Travel organizes a wonderful wedding and honeymoon for sea lovers. A full range of travel arrangements and wedding arrangements are available. In my palette, my 2019 Blue Ocean Collection Beach Wedding Dress Collection was also the venue for the bride to have an exclusive, wonderful, yet comfortable and happy wedding gown that delivers a pleasant feeling in the panic.
Amazon Travel Dreams Come True! Look for the travel agency with great experience and an enthusiastic team to get closer to their seaside dream wedding!
Tel: 70/779-6524

WOW Weddings of Wonder Wedding planning

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Organizing exclusive weddings throughout the country. With our cohesive team, our positive attitude, with our many years of experience, we coordinate every little detail of your wedding. Our hairdresser is our make-up artist, our unique designer, decorator, photographer, videographer, ceremony manager, ceremony master all serve the same purpose so that you do not feel the burden, but you can pass yourselves on the great day of romance, celebration, the joy of the moment.