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From design to implementation

Already own a dress brand running under the name of Balogh Adry, writes the Duol Culture column. Adry’s brand is characterized by the use of Kalocsa patterns in a tasteful and restrained placement on the clothes.

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The secrets of the Pest County Beautiful Competition – such as the story of ladies wearing Adry cocktail dresses on Femcafe.

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Folklore can also be cool

Weeks associate asked Adrian Balogh about the combination of modern and folklore. How does folk embroidery fit into Adry-designed evening or cocktail dresses, and how can such a traditional pattern become part of a wedding dress?

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TV appearances:

The Kalocsastyle collection has been featured on the Duna TV Wishlist.


Adry a II. She was a guest of the Danube TV studio in connection with the beautiful competition of Érd. Meanwhile, three contestants marched along the stage wearing Adry’s cocktail dresses.



Adry was a guest on Duna TV’s Family Friendly Magazine. She showed off some of her dresses and showed viewers how to make a lilac tulle skirt that could be an element of an elegant evening dress or a more colorful cocktail dress.


Adry Couture’s favorite evening and bridal gowns were also featured on TV2’s Fem3 Cafe show. Andrea Várkonyi and her presenter talked with the fashion designer, who marveled at the variability of folkloristic patterns and the versatility of Adry’s fashion designer fantasy. Evening dresses were a success with Fem3 staff. View the archive of the report!

FEM3 tv report

At the 2017 Pest County Beauty Competition, Adry Couture provided the girls with cocktail dresses. Adry’s Hungarian designs were blended with trendy tulle, cheerful colors and a touch of bohemian. There’s no one who can’t choose from these fabulous, beautiful cocktail dresses!

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Youtube guest appearances

Lido Gallo’s beauty consultant interview with Adry about 2018-2019 wedding trends. A look at Adry Couture Salon wedding dresses.

In her video, Lydia talks about the Adry Fashion Show on May 11, 2018 at the Érd Arena. Viewers could see bridal, evening, and girl casual or bridesmaid dresses on the catwalk.