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Wedding dress

I represent the style of sophisticated elegance, I like more consolidated, more closed patterns, my fantasy can soar. My favorite material for bridal dresses is tulle, lace, satin, silk, veil, but I also love brocade. I also try to concentrate on comfort. I pay attention to the elasticity of the material and the variability of the dress, which is why most of my clothes consist of several parts that can be combined well with each other. I also make your dressing gown for you, and you can request casual clothes for your joy and design and sew clothes for bridesmaids, of course.

As fashion is in an eternal cycle, trends are also emerging in the field of wedding dresses. I am happy to cut him into several types, the exciting vintage style wedding dresses that have just been picked up, or the very simple and clearer more closed models, but I am also happy to make princess and tire shapes if you like the classic. I’m open to the snow-white dress in the off-white color and even the floral pattern, and it’s a special challenge to play some color into the white dress in a playful way. A special feature of my work is that I like to place folk and embroidered motifs on them. Many of my guests like this and even more value for Hungarians living abroad. There was also an example of a foreign bride admiring the Hungarian origin fiancée with the Kalocsa pattern of Hungaricum.

If you like the website and look for my works on the FB, I look forward to seeing you!

You can rent and purchase wedding dresses at the Salon.

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