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Cocktail dress

If we are official for a wedding, afternoon reception, corporate garden event, exhibition opening, or other art event, a cocktail dress is the perfect choice. The invitation may also include cocktail attire / cocktail dressing.

Fortunately, it gives us a free hand, fantasy can soar: cocktails can be many. Its main feature, however, is that it is just knee-high, feminine, chic and easy to look at. The true dress code cocktail dress is always more closed, not too decollete.

Adry’s cocktail dresses are made with a knee-length, usually tulle skirt solution. Their specialty is that they are often embroidered with Hungarian motifs, such as pale yellow dress inspired by Herend porcelain pattern, purple flower embroidery, sleeveless dress with a small tulle frill.

Another often recurring motif is lace fabric with blue tulle skirts in several versions, Hungarian embroidery and some lace-up dress, which can be great for weddings, daytime wear and bridal wear.

Red also echoes repeatedly in cocktail dresses: red tulle skirts, lace and satin fabrics, brilliant milf dresses, or an elegant event that allows for a slightly more casual outfit. A great performing suit for serious musicians, because of its red color we can shine at Christmas dinners and music events.

We can be unique in a elastic, shiny jeans-style cocktail dress made of shiny jeans with a front embellished with Kalocsa embroidery. A lace bolero was added to cover the shoulder.