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Báli ruha

A ball in a woman’s life is never just a fantastic dance that she attends once, even if she is the first baller, or even when she’s having a party the other night. Ball is an old tradition, in fact a rite, every ball entering social life. It is a day that no woman will ever forget. In this case, everything really has to be perfect, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and the highlight of the evening: the ball gowns. A dress with a corset is especially important to always be tailored, because if the bodice does not fit well with the breastline, it can not only ruin the overall effect, but can even make the wearer ridiculous. That’s why we make tailor-made, individually designed and sized party and evening dresses for every lady. At the Adry Couture salon, every lady gets the attention they want, her desires, designs and style are all about, and the fashion designer at Adry Couture has a real sense for her: we try to design one, to make her model really enjoyable.

We recommend our evening or ball gowns for charity evenings, professional balls, public speaking, lectures, artistic performances or presentations, or other grandiose evening events. These tastefully decorated yet dignified dresses add a touch of elegance to any illustrated event.