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Casual dress

The main feature of Adry Couture Salon is the custom made casual dress. How does a custom casual dress take place from the customer’s point of view to make it the final result of being the queen of the evening?

We also communicate with our attire. An appropriately chosen casual dress sends the signal to the participants of the event to honor them with our presence and our attire. A casual outfit should not only be fit for celebration and occasion, but must also fit the wearer’s individuality, so we can tell him about it. We are telling you how feminine we are, sophisticated, trend followers, colorful personalities, unique or even solid, elegant or serious.

The choice is often not so easy. Adry Couture Salon Balogh Adry helps you decide which casual clothes to wear on a special day and we can fully implement it. After the appointment we are happy to see you in our clothes shop. Here you can also view, try, or rent ready-made casual clothing collections. Admiring the clothes, we are sure to get inspiration and there will be a model that we can imagine at the festive event.

The downtown salon offers an exclusive yet friendly atmosphere to get you started, start talking, listen to your needs, discuss your wishes and questions.

You can rent and purchase casual clothes at the Salon.