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She won the golden apple at the Anna Ball Beauty 2019 in Adry outfit

— She won the golden apple at the Anna Ball Beauty 2019 in Adry outfit

Anna bál győztese Adry egyedi készítésű báli ruhájábanIn July 2019, the Anna Ball in Balatonfüred was held for the 194th time. This year, Réka Purgel of Kisvárda became the beauty of the ball chosen by the audience and then by a professional jury. Réka wore Adry’s dress at the ball, with her father accompanying her. The 23-year-old student girl was surprised by the victory, but she didn’t understand me so unexpectedly. I’ve worked with Reka before, because once she was a model in my current collection, and then she said that I was captivated by my Kalocsa patterned clothes. When he asked me if he wanted to wear a dress I designed, I was very pleased to welcome him to my salon. During the selection and trial, I made sure that not only the exterior, but also the belts, also contained a beautifully educated, value-oriented young lady. Réka studies, plays the piano and paints at the ELTE Cultural Heritage. Another specialty is that in his dissertation he also dealt with the history of Anna-balls as a cultural and social topic, one of the oldest ball in Hungary and based on local tradition. Since she was a little girl, Reka has been interested in this tradition-keeping event, her childhood dream of being able to attend the famous event. The ball queen communicated her outburst of joy on her social networking site, announcing on one of the dresses I was designing with the following words:
“I believe this dress has helped me a lot in my victory. How did I choose this gorgeous piece? I wore an Adry dress for a fashion show in the spring of 2019. I chose a silk white upper with white Kalocsa embroidery as an accessory. I wore a white long silk glove to the ballgown. event.